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Commercial Services

CFS is your partner in business. We offer both standard and customized solutions for your communications and data storage needs. Let our professionals assist you with developing the best solutions for your business via our 100% fiber optic network. We have lightning fast connections to the major data centers throughout the Midwest. From these data centers we can develop off-site disaster recovery and data storage solutions. As well, we have partnerships with other national communications companies to assist you in linking to other locations in the United States. Therefore, whether your needs are local or national in scope, we are prepared to work with your team to develop the best solutions. We offer the following solutions for your business needs:

Residential Services

CFS specializes in providing state-of-the-art fiber optic service delivery to your home. We differ from other providers because their coax or hybrid fiber/coax systems have a final weak link – coax to the home. We offer outstanding reliability and speed throughout our 100% fiber optic network. We also offer customized solutions for service delivery to other buildings on your property. We offer the following services to your residence:



Working with CFS has proven to be a great experience. I got 50MB fiber service to my home to get off of CenturyLink DSL for not much more than I was paying for my 6MB DSL. Wow! What a world of difference! The connection has proven to be rock solid and is something I no longer even think about. It just works. While on DSL I had 3-4 outages a week and was constantly resetting my modem. The move to CFS became critical when my college student was forced to move back home to complete his classes online. He is able to teleconference with his professors and classmates without so much as a hiccup. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without CFS. Highly recommended. Sign up – you won’t regret it!

SW – VP of Information Services

We are a Long Term Care facility in northeast Indiana and have enjoyed a relationship with CFS since 2013. I can’t recall the last time we needed to switch from our CFS connection to our backup connection due to an outage of any kind. CFS is a proven and critical partner to our organization to ensure continuity of our business and 24/7 healthcare operations.
Our internet connection through CFS is something I never have to think or worry about – it just works. Working with CFS gives me confidence knowing that their support is responsive and helpful in the event we need them as well.

Bryant Wesleyan

Sales, installation, customer service A+ Dependable and fast internet speed A+. We are so thankful to have CFS as our provider.

Rick Krebs / Do it Best Corp.

As we continue to shift more of our application systems to the cloud, it is imperative we have a reliable high speed internet partner. CFS has demonstrated their value by meeting our increasing bandwidth needs and ensuring our network experiences minimal service disruptions. They are highly responsive and treat our international business as their own.

Gil Brandenburg

Love Community Fiber Solutions! The speed of the internet is blazing fast and the Service is great. Having relocated from the East coast, I thought I’d be giving up speedy internet. Boy was I wrong! CFS Fiber Optic cable just blows Comcast speeds out of the water and is much more reasonable. Mark Haas was great in setting up my account and the one “glitch” I’ve had (self induced) was taken care of in less than 24 hours.

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