Business Voice Services

Allow CFS to customize a voice package for your operation. We provide voice service for the small business up to businesses with multiple PRIs and up to 700 lines.

We have an extensive grouping of “tools” in our toolbelt for Business Voice Services:

> Traditional Landline Voice Services
> Primary Rate Interface (PRI)
> Direct Inward Dial (DID)
> SIP Trunks
> Long Distance
> Number Porting (Keep your current phone number)

Business Phone Packages
  MRC Dialed 1+ Rate Int’l Rate
Small Business: 10 or less employees      
     First Line $54.95 Unlimited $0.15
     Additional Lines – Each $29.95 Unlimited $0.15
Medium Business: more than 10 employees      
    Each Line $29.95 $0.05 $0.15
Enterprise: Large Business      
     SIP Trunks – Each $20.00 $0.05 $0.15
     PRI – Each $350.00 $0.05 $0.15
Toll Free 800 Numbers:      
     Each Line $10.00 $0.05 $0.15
DIDs – Each $5.00    

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Digital Phone Service? How does it work?

Digital Phone Service is a “virtual telephone line” that utilizes your new or existing Internet connection.  Watch will provide a phone number and access to the Public Switching Telephone Network (PSTN), just like a traditional wired phone line.

Can I keep my current phone number?

If you’re switching service providers and remaining in the same geographic are, you can keep your existing phone number.  This process, which is also called porting, can be done between wireline, IP and wireless providers. Read more from the FCC on porting.

What if my Internet connection goes down?

Since your Digital Phone Service is reliant on your Internet connected, phone service will be impacted if there is a network outage or power outage. We do offer plans that let you forward your number to another location or phone when you are not home or when an outage occurs.

What areas can I call locally?

Multiple calling plans are available that can include unlimited local calling and unlimited long distance.  Calls made to foreign countries may be assessed additional costs and/or fees.

Do I have to replace my phone? How many phones can I use?

Depending on the service or plan you choose, you may be able to use your existing phone as well as connect multiple phones to your service.

Can I use your Digital Phone service with another Internet Service Provider?

Yes. Our digital phone service can be used with other Internet Service Providers but will limit how well we can troubleshoot possible issues. Your home must be within our digital phone coverage area to receive service. We recommend a minimum of 5 Mbps download speed for service.

Will my Fax machine work with Digital Phone Service?

Incoming faxes can be received digitally through an email or through a fax machine. Fax machines will work on the VoIP system with limitations. We recommend discussing your current setup with one of our representatives to verify what features may be limited.

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